Real Name: Carolina Torres

Occupation: Professional Criminal. Terrorist.

Known Relatives: Unknown(father), Unknown(mother)

Affiliations: Jeeper, Hag, Ear, Manx, Baroness Blood, Cobra, Warchild, Warmonger

Enemies: Arahna Negra.

Base of Operation: Unnamed Brazilian City.

First appearance: ARAHNA NEGRA #2

History: Annette comes from a long line of mercenaries, and her skills are constantly being honed to achieve her ideal of perfection.

Powers & Weapons: Candle is a mutahume with the psionic ability to cause any fire, however small, to grow in size and intensity and to take any form that she desires, even that of a living creature. He could then psionically cause that creature of "living flame" to do anything she wants.

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