Real Name: Sylvia Sadler

Aliases: Sylvy, Spider Woman

Occupation: Systems Programmer.

Known Relatives: Edward(father), Angela(mother)

Affiliations: Mothman, Deathspider

Enemies: Kadmos Corporation, Wasp, Scorpion, Pesticyde, Madam .357. Brutality, Warmonger.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: TANTALIZING TARANTULA #1

History: Sylvia Sadler became whitsleblower when she found out her employer, Kadmos Corporation, was doing illegal genetic experiments on Humans. As punishment for her betrayal, her genes were merged with her pet tarantula.

Powers & Weapons: Due to his re-written genetic code, Sylvia has the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a tarantula. Her speed and stamina gives her the ability to dodge gunfire from a short distance away and move several times faster than a normal human being can. This superhuman dexterity allow her to perform complicated acrobatic and gymnastic maneuvers. Access to these abilities are largely instinctual.

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