Real Name: Not Admissible

Aliases: Operative 52, The Bombardier.

Occupation: Royal Protector. Warrior.

Known Relatives: Ambrosia(queen), Drone King(father), Unknown number of brothers and sisters.

Affiliations: Suicide Squad, Nurse Beeutia.

Enemies: The Honey Snatchers.

Base of Operation: Hive-Prime

First appearance: BEE-52: THE BOMBARDIER #1

History: When Queen Ambrosia rallied her warriors against the Honey Snatchers, the inimitable Bee-52, brawny, brave, and intelligent, joined the Suicide Squad, and rallied them into victory. Bee-52 stands out as a fearless warrior, for which Queen Ambrosia appointed him the leader. Escorted by the Suicide Squad, Bee-52 must gather intelligence to save Hive-Prime from the Humans constantly attacking their resources.

Powers & Weapons: An excellent strategist and tactician.

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