Real Name: Roger Coe


Aliases: The Animal

Occupation: Terrorist/Assassin.

Known Relatives: John(father), Miranda(mother), Paul(brother)

Affiliations: Madam Hook

Enemies: Anonymous, Maximum Justice, Patrioteer, Bloodsplatter, Achilles Prey.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: HERO AT LARGE #2

History: Hyena is an expert hunter and tracker who relies on fear to weaken his prey. With razor sharp claws, Hyena is skilled in the use of traditional weapons such as throwing daggers and hunga-munga blades as well as modern weapons such as semi-automatic firearms. Hyena was a metahume that volunteered to have his genes modified. He wasted the one million dollar payment he received for being a "guinea pig".

Powers & Weapons: Hyena has long nails that are difficult to break, making him a very vicious, unarmed fighter.

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