Real Name: Rhode Tarill

Aliases: Warhawk

Occupation: Musician.

Known Relatives: Victor(father), Maria(mother), Carter(brother)

Affiliations: Maximum Justice

Enemies: Timelapse, Beast, Ringleader, Eliminator, Bloodsplatter, Marauder, Storm Pharaoh, Damage, Blank, Aftershock, Trap, Asp, Hammerhead, Micron, Achilles Prey, Mindripper, Professor Frost, Dupli-Kate, Basilisk, Moray.

Base of Operation: Keystone City

First appearance: WHC COMICS PRESENTS #1

History: Hawkwing is a protector of Keystone City.

Powers & Weapons: Hawkwing can fly, fire a powerful kinetic blast from his hands, and project a energy shield to deflect attacks, He gets stronger by absorbing kinetic energy.


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