Real Name: Cornel West.

Occupation: Inventor. Business Magnate. Founder of Team Max.

Affiliations: Mary Minney, Maximum Justice, Momentum, Barry Cuda.

Enemies: Overthrow, Tokyo Rose, Bombshell, Sharpnel, Kickback, Upgrade, Vicious Circle, Maximum Injustice

Base of Operations: Science Patrol Headquarters.

Known Relatives: Wendy(mother). Darla(sister).

First appearance: Team MaX #1

History: As the CEO of , is not a field operative with Team Max. He does however undertake rescue missions when the group is in deadly danger.

Powers & Weapons: Militia is not a metahuman, he was a genius level cyberneticist and philomath. He wears a high-tech, powered exoskeleton of his own design, which could be equipped with a variety of weapons and modular add-ons.

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