Real Name: Jennifer Waters


Occupation: Receptionist.

Known Relatives: Paul(father), Jessica(mother), Deneice(sister)

Affiliations: Anonymous, Ballistic, Shadow Lady

Enemies: Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Orion Paxton.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: HERO AT LARGE #3

History: Jennifer is the girlfriend of Jordan Kent a.k.a. Ballistic. She was injured during one of Ballistic's battles with the Munsinto Corporation's security force. To save her life, Jordan gave Jennifer a transfusion of his metahuman blood.

Powers & Weapons: Calibre has the ability to project heat and light-bursts capable of blinding, scorching, or incinerating opponents and objects, and creating plasma shields. The difference in Calibre's and Ballistic's abilities may be a matter of hormones.

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