Real Name: Beatrice Bell

Occupation: Teacher.

Known Relatives: Jonathan (father), Rosita (mother), Antonio (brother, deceased)

Affiliations: Josephine Baker High School

Enemies: Atrocity, Beast, The Corpse, Veneer.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: WHC COMICS PRESENTS #5

History: The origin of the Aello costume is unknown; it has been theorized to be either mystical or technological.

Powers & Weapons: Aello's costume is a reinforced synthetic stretch fabric containing miniature anti-gravity mechanisms, as well as large artificial wings which allow her to fly. She is armed with the advanced weaponry of unknown origins, including a shield and a sword that fires anti-gravity energy. She is skilled in hand-to-hand combat techniques uniquely styled to make use of her power of flight.

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