Real Name: Linda Dale

Aliases: Blue Flare, Sparkler.

Occupation: Microbiologist.

Known Relatives: Robert(father), Sarita(mother), Mark(brother)

Affiliations: Blue Flame, The New Champions.

Enemies: Defile, Kadmos Corporation, Achilles Prey, Black Death, Headhuntress.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First Appearance: Wonderworld Comics #30

Modern Appearance: HERO AT LARGE #4

History: After mastering the flame-powers she received from duplicating the chemical catalyst that changed her boyfriend Gary Preston into the Blue Flame, the woman known as Flare became a superheroine, battling the villain Defile.

Powers & Weapons: Inspired by her boyfriend Gary Preston, Flare used some of his secret equipment and bio-chemicals to become blue flame-powered heroine.

FOOTNOTE: Flare is actually an amalgam of two characters, Flamegirl, the long-time partner of The Flame, and published by Fox Feature Syndicate. Created by Will Eisner and Lou Fine. The original Blue Flame appeared only once, and was published by Four Star Publications.

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