Real name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Actor

Group Affiliation: MBC Studios

Base of Operations: Gateway City

Known Relatives: Unnamed father. Unnamed mother.

First appearance: DWAYNE MCFADDEN, BLACKWING #1(cameo), #4(full appearance)

History: Jorg Saunder is an English film actor, who launched his career in the theater stage in his native England, and switch to television, then motion pictures after moving to USA. His first film role was a poet in The Pursuit of Foolishness in 1994. In 1995 he acted in the film Wretched based on a play by Norma Ibsen.

Saunder plays Coldwave in the four episodes of Blackwing: A Chill Over Gothic City(Ep. 5), A Dish Best Served Cold(Ep. 12), A Frozen Grave For Blackwing (Ep. 20) and the season finale The Icy Grip Of Death (Ep. 42).

Powers & Weapons: Jorg has written a best-selling novel. He was given the opportunity to direct the episode The Icy Grip Of Death.

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