Real name: Felisthia

Aliases: Fish Girl, Fish Woman, Ocean Woman.

Occupation: Adventurer.

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Affiliations: Maximum Justice.

Enemies: Ocean Witch, Soul-Thief, Hammerhead, Eel, Pirahna, Bullshark.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: Fin comes from the lost kingdom of Lemuria, an ancient civilization south of India. It concealed itself beneath the sea more than a millennium ago, biologically mutating its people into aquatic beings. Fin was captured in a fisherman's net after being disoriented by a U.S. government experiment.

Powers & Weapons: Fin possesses superhuman strength. She is nearly invulnerable as bullets and other missiles cannot penetrate her extremely tough skin. She can swim at superhuman speeds, breathe underwater, and is immune to the cold and pressures of the depths. She can also see better underwater than a normal human. With the aid of a special containment suit, she can walk on land, and swim in fresh waters.

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