Real name: Valencia Thorne

Aliases: Black Mamba

Occupation: Industrial Espionage, Assassin.

Known Relatives: Not Admissible

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Abattoir, Beast, Defiler, Succubus.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: Not a lot is know about Asp, but it is believed that she has been genetically-augmented by the Kadmos Corporation.

Powers & Weapons: Asp is a skilled contortionist, and is incredibly agile. She is a patient and studious woman, and a relentless adversary. She wears a suit that allowed her to absorb high impacts without effect, and squeeze through small spaces. The suit was covered with an lubricant that made her slippery, an opponent would have a difficult time holding on to her in combat. The suit was equipped with a tail that could coil around an opponent, and Asp has fangs capable of injecting an asp-like toxins.

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