Real Name: Keith Carson

Aliases: Bird-Boy.

Occupation: Student.

Known Relatives: Evan(father), Clara(mother), Brian(brother), Gale(sister)

Affiliations: Momentum

Enemies: Algor Mortis, Bilge, Blood Diamond, Bonesnapper, Cobra, Red Scorpion Gang.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: WHC COMICS PRESENTS #1

History: Keith Carson is a metahume that was born poor, but got a chance to become a national spokesman for an athletic shoe company, but soon learned that money was not every thing.

Powers & Weapons: Keith is a metahume, his wings enabled him to fly approximately at Mach 1 as well as being set afire, and able to shield his body by covering up. Its flechettes could be thrown as weapons, which can burst into a hotter flame.

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