Real Name: Terrance Ford

Aliases: Rocky, Crimson Crusader, Twilight Knight, Man of Justice.

Occupation: 3-D Analyst.

Known Relatives: Jerome(father), Eva(mother), Bradley(brother)

Affiliations: Black Orchid, Damien Smarter, The New Champions.

Enemies: Arson, Firebug, Pyro, Defile, Kadmos Corporation, Achilles Prey, Black Death, Headhuntress.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First Appearance: All-New Comics #2(Harvey Comics, 1943)

Modern Appearance: WHC PRESENTS REBIRTH #5

History: Scarlet Nemesis gain superhuman strength from special harnesses invented by Professor Damien Smarter. While doing his civilian job, a young woman found his power harness and used it to become the heroine Black Orchid. He sought her out with the intention of taking it back, but circumstances quickly forced them to become allies.

Powers & Weapons: Superhuman strength while wearing the harness. After teaming with Black Orchid, his costume was also made bullet resistant.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character originally created by George Tuska.

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