Real name: Kathryn Conn

Occupation: Former Circus Acrobat, Former Professional Boxer. Biology Teacher

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

Affiliation's: Catman, Blackwing, Hotwing, Coal Kitten.

Enemies: Algor Mortis, Bilge, Blood Diamond, Bonesnapper, Cobra, Red Scorpion Gang.

Known Relatives: Unnamed father. Unnamed mother.

First Appearance:CAT-MAN COMICS #5 (Holyoke)

Modern Appearance: WHC SPECIAL: REBIRTH #6

History: After the death of her circus-performer parents, sixteen-year-old acrobat Kathie Conn was placed under the guardianship of her unscrupulous uncle, Viktor Conn. He forced Katie to join him in his life of crime. Catman intervened on her behalf and made sure her uncle was brought to justice. Since she no longer had a guardian, David helped Katie to become an emancipated minor. When she turned eighteen, Katie joined Catman in fighting crime, creating an orange and yellow costume and calling herself the Kitten. At first, David tried to keep her from helping him, but Katie eventually proved herself and the two became partners. Not long after that, Catman provided her with her own customized Cat-Suit, and re-christened her as Feline.

Powers & Weapons: Feline is an Olympic-class gymnast, professional boxer and acrobat. Her stealth-suit is equipped with retractable claws, which can slash through most substances, and enable her to scale most buildings and walls. Kathryn possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. She is a natural athlete who was coached in field combat techniques and the martial arts by Catman. Feline's stealth-suit is specially-designed to heighten its wearer’s natural athleticism.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character Kitten, published by Holyoke. She was created by Irwin Hansen.

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