Real Name: Deborah Chong

Aliases: Unknown.

Occupation: Microbiology Teacher, Vigilante, Government Operative.

Known Relatives: Jaycen(father), Shelley(mother), Yvonne(sister), Keith(brother), Stewart(brother)

Affiliations: Tarantula

Enemies: Manx, Achilles Prey, Ginger Moss, Bat, Poiltergeist, Wendigo, Faux Scarlet Scarab, Detective Logan, Clint Halbert, Veneer.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: COAL KITTEN #3

History: Under deep cover as a rogue ex-government solo agent, Coal Kitten uses her specialized skills and training as an agent for hire.

Powers & Weapons: Coal Kitten can see exceptionally well in darkness, as well as daylight. She is metahumanly strong, fast, and agile. She can extend her fingernails to various lengths, and they are capable of cutting through steel.

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