Real Name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Lilin.

Known Alias: Unclean Spirit.

Known Relatives: Lilith,mother. Cain, father. Incubus, brother.

Affiliations: Incubus, Defiler.

Enemies: Hawkwing, Marionette, Patrioteer, Shadow Lady.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #3

History: Succubus is a demon female sent to civilizations by her mother to insure the downfall of the sons and daughters of Eve. Like her brother, Incubus, she prefers sexual relations with the opposite sex, but will have same-sex relationships to corrupt that person spiritually. Be warned, passionate relationships with a Succubus can lead to lose of wealth, health, and eventually the victim's life. Repeated same-sex relationships will lead to the lost of their beauty, making them less attractive as a seducers, and essential useless.

Powers & Weapons: Succubus is the mistress of seduction and maleficium. Unlike her brother with women, Succubus can not procreate with mortal men.

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