Real Name: Anthonia Morris

Aliases: Ms Modem

Occupation: Computer Technologist.

Known Relatives: Stuart(father), Martha(mother), Jake(brother), Miranda(sister)

Affiliations: Shadow Lady, Momentum

Enemies: Deadmeat, Bilge, Blood Diamond, Black Death, Cobra, Red Scorpion Gang.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: SONJA DAYE, SHADOW LADY #5

History: Just like the process that turned her into Datastream, Anthonia Morris remembers very little about her life, other than being shot during a robbery.

Powers & Weapons: Datastream has the ability to mentally control electricity and electronic components. She can use this power for a variety of bizarre effects. Datastream can absorb electricity from her surroundings and use it to enable her to fly, project bolts of electrical force, and drain electricity. She can greatly amplify the power level of electrical devices, making speakers play incredibly loud, for example. She can generate electromagnetic constructs, usually modeled on video game characters. The constructs can project bolts of electrical energy and are solid. Datastream is able to travel and carry people across an electronic interface (e.g., between computers across the Internet, mobile phones) and can morph into a living computer program. Highly intelligent, apparently devoid of emotions, very strong, and her processing speed exceeds the current ability to measure processing speeds.

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