Real Name: Ilsa Appler

Aliases: The Witch of The Airway.

Occupation: Pilot. Mercenary. Terrorist.

Known Relatives: Raul(father), Helga(mother), Heinz(brother)

Affiliations: The Flying Skull Squadron, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Warmonger.

Enemies: Black Angel Squadron.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

Original appearance: Air Fighters Comics #2(Hillman, 1942)

First appearance: WHC PRESENTS: REBIRTH #2

History: Nothing has been revealed about the origin of Baroness Blood.

Powers & Weapons: Baroness Blood was exposed to biological enhancement experiment which endowed her with superhuman strength, durability and endurance. She is skilled in hypnotism, espionage, and is a master of the whip.

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