Real Name: Vincent Simpson

Aliases: Vince

Occupation: Laboratory Technician.

Known Relatives: Unnamed(father), Unnamed(mother)

Affiliations: Wasp

Enemies: Tarantula, Banshee, Mothman, Deathspider, Team Max, Maximum Justice.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: TANTALIZING TARANTULA #2

History: Vincent Simpson is an office bully at Kadmos and son of the Chief Executive Bryan Simpson. While forcing Sylvia Sadler's best friend, Emma Wong into a transmuation pod, Vincent was accindently knocked into pod, reserved for one of Sylvia's other friends.Vincent was exposed to the scorpion's particles and DNA was altered.

Powers & Weapons: Using a battlesuit stolen from one of their competitors. Vincent is a violent, deadly fighter. He can augment his opponenant's suffering with his toxic saliva.

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