Real Name: Mykel Azmeh


Occupation: Anarchist.

Known Relatives: Amin(father), Maysoon(mother), Amal(sister), Brenda(ex-wife, deceased)

Affiliations: Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Achilles Prey, Vicious Cycle.

Enemies: Patrioteer,

Base of Operation:Mobile.

First appearance: MAXIMUM INJUSTICE #6

History: Not much as been revealed about the origin of the criminal known as the Blue Gjinn.

Powers & Weapons: Blue Gjinn prefer to projects his his blue energy through an antique oil lamp. He is invulnerable to all physical and energy attacks. He can move at the speed of light,fire beams of coherent, blue energy as concussive force, heat, or plasma. He can emit intense bursts of blue, blinding light, and project holographic illusions of his human form.

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