Real name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Anarchist. Former Model.

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

Known Relatives: Unnamed father. Unnamed mother.

First Appearance:Super-Mystery Comics vol. 4 #2 1 (Ace)

Modern Appearance: WHC SPECIAL: REBIRTH #1

History: Nadya Burnett was one of the most beautiful models in the world, but she is an extremely spiteful and greedy woman. When she was asked to model the Ghulisian Diamond, she decided to hire a gang to steal it for her. She was stopped by Dust. Later, while in prison, a caustic liquid was thrown in face, she decided to take her revenge on anyone who dared to laugh at her disfgiurement.

Powers & Weapons: Nadya Burnett is a competent hand to-hand-combatant.She carries gas filled grenades and can project gas from her hands. The gas contains a tranquilizer and a chemical that stimulates dreaming. This causes paralysis and hallucinations.

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