Real name: Not Admissible


Occupation: Novelist.

Known Relatives: Not Admissible

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Abattoir, Beast, Defiler, Succubus.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: The entity known as Angelskin descended to Earth in a subtle, white light. It is an ancient weapon that heightens the wears powers of perception and can summon at will "Purity", a sword of fire that can only destroy the sinful nature of a Human Being. The first known Human to weld the Angelskin is a woman Natalie Walker, she used the power help stop a plane hijacking. Once the hi-jackers' souls were purified, Natalie lost the power, but was so overwhelmed by the experience that she devoted life her to studying the Angelskin, hoping to regain it.

Powers & Weapons: Steelhawk had a nanite-based battle armor bonded to his body. The suit gave him superhuman strength and durability and the gauntlets shot plasma blasts and could project energy blades. The suit could morph to form a pair of wings, shields or any number of weapons.

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