Real name: Craig Torrey

Occupation: Former Gang Member. Former Soldier. Former Junior Stock Manager. Superhero.

Group Affiliation: None

Enemies: Blackdawg, Kadmos Corporation, Wasp, Scorpion, Black Death, Professor Frost, Headshot, Madam .357, Bain.

Base of Operations: East Gateway City.

Known Relatives: Unnamed father. Unnamed mother.

First appearance: BEWARE OF THE GUARDDOG #1

History: Craig Torry was framed for a crime by his sister's boyfriend for the murder of "Handz" Horgan and sent to jail, where he spent all his time developing his body and remained solitary, except for the company of a bulldog he had been assigned to train. He was given early release for stopping a prison riot, and once outside of jail he took on the pro wrestler identity Blackdawg and gained an immense fortune. The birth of his son, and the death of his son's mother set him on a new path.

Powers & Weapons: Guarddog is trained to peak human condition and is an exceptional combatant.

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