Real Name: Galina Vostokovna

Occupation: Burlesque Artist, Crimeboss.

Known Relatives: Unknown(father), Unknown(mother)

Affiliations: Cobra, Soul Thief, Warmonger.

Enemies: Hawkwing, Polymer, Iota, Patrioteer, Shadow Lady.

Base of Operation: East Gateway City

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #2

History: Galina Vostokovna comes from a long line of crime bosses, and her skills are constantly being honed to achieve her ideal of perfection. Her real name and face are unknown to most of her associates.

Powers & Weapons: Galina Vostokovna has no superhuman powers, however she is trained in the use of guns and has some martial arts training. She is highly intelligent, and as a dancer in the BLACK CANARY club, she has made a number of contacts, both criminal and non-criminal. As the Veiled Lady she wears a bulletproof dress, and always carries a handgun, and she is the mistress of the bullwhip.

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