Members: Euneice Blaire Jones(oldest twin). Suzette Blaire Jones(youngest twin).


Known Relative: Steven, father. Juliana, mother. Darrel, brother.

Leader: Renee Blair

Purpose: To defend the innocent against crime and injustice.

Allies: Momentum, Team Max

Enemies: Brass Monkey, Golden Fang, Vicious Cycle, Maximum Injustice.

First appearance: Team Max #6

History: Steven Blair and Selene Pyle Blair were once enemies, he as the hero U.S. Jones and she was his adversary The Rebel. Some where in their career, their hostility toward each other ended, and they were married. Selene Gave birth to twin girls, but not too long afterward was blackmail into taking up a one last mission for the domestic terrorist group call The Cause. Just as she was finishing her mission, she was shot by a sniper hired by The Cause, for abandoning their cause. Steven was left to raise his twins alone. As a teenagers Renee and Suzette were amazed to learn that their father Steven Blair was the patriotic superhero U.S. Jones, who disappeared the year before they were born. Steven was teaching his daughters martial arts since they were old to walk. During one tournament, they won mystic armlets. Later, they were trained to summon the armlets great mystic powers. Suzette had the ideal of following in their father footsteps, but also honor their mother. Renee wears a Union-theme costume, while Suzette wears the Confederate version.

Powers: Twin martial artist, Suzette and Renee can summon the spirits of twelve sacred tigers with a few moments of meditation.

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