Real Name: Barney Bateman.

Aliases: Mean.

Occupation: Student.

Known Relatives: Allen(father), Maria(mother), Darrel(brother), Sheila(sister)

Affiliations: Maximum Injustice, Vicious Cycle.

Enemies: Shujuu, Kid Shujuu, Shujua, Mighty Girl, Atrocity.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: THE POWER OF SHUJUU #1

History: Adversary is the "dark opposite" to the Shujuu Family, but Barney Bateman's hate for his cousin Willem began when they were teenagers, and Barney trying to join a local gang. He failed because Willem saved his target by taking the bullet, and he himself survived, albeit, in a wheelchair. The Dark Forces of Hell needed an avatar to balance the powers of the Shujuus, they were drawn to Barney by hate for both the "Champion of Order", and his alter-ego. They gave the Barney the power to become a being with powers to destroy Shujuu.

Powers & Weapons: Adversary has super human strength, agility, endurance, regeneration from physical damage. He is able to fly at incredible speeds and project fire from his mouth and hands. He is able to increase his height and weight 150%.


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