Real name: Dyanne King

Aliases: DeeDee

Occupation: Office Manager.

Known Relatives: Taunia, mother.

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Warmonger, Predator, Double Trouble, Gronn, Vile, Madam .357, Lunatic, Soul-Thief, Alchemist, Wasp, Sulfuria, Molecua, Grim Reaper, Rigor Mortis, Maiden Mayhem.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: Maximum Maiden has not revealed too much about her personal history, and often distracts people with demonstrations of her powers.

Powers & Weapons: Possess the "allure of Isis, the glory of Konshu and the strength of Shongo". Flight, super strength, super speed and invincible to most man-made weapons. She can morph from Dyanne to Maximum Maiden by saying "To be Maximum Maiden" or "To be Dyanne King".

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