Real Name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Inventor/Physicist/Director of the Science Patrol.

Known Relatives: Sarah(wife), Karen(eldest daughter), Gabriel(son), Ruth(youngest daughter).

Affiliations: Science Patrol, Blue Spider.

Enemies: Space Queen Malicia, Jezebel Hex-Eye, Blue Spider Revenge Squad, Combatmen.

Base of Operation: Science Patrol Headquarters.

First appearance: SPECTACULAR BLUE SPIDER #1

History: Professor Jacob Barnhardt established the Science Patrol from his own money, independent of governmental influences, to fight extraterrestrial invaders, great and small. He commissioned the construction of The Fortress, the Science Patrol floating headquarters on an artificial island, in international waters. He began gathering individuals of special skills and abilities from all around the world. When Space Queen Malacia began her invasion of the Earth, only Barnhardt was prepared and not surprised. Then every nation wanted his help.

Powers & Weapons: Professor Barnhardt's greatest weapon is his intelligence. He uses it to design and invent nearly all of the Science Patrol's weaponry and gear. Barnhardt built the Cyber Blue Spider to help protect Tony Troy's secret identity. He has also on occasion created upgrades for the Blue Spider.

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