Real Name: James O'Donnell

Aliases: Avenger of Blood

Occupation: Novelist.

Known Relatives: Paul (father, deceased), Lynda (mother), Sean (brother, deceased)

Affiliations: Joan O'Neill (girlfriend). Tarantula

Enemies: Kadmos Corporation, Scorpion, Deadly Duo.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First Appearance: FANTASTIC COMICS #21 (Fox Feature Syndicate, 1941)


History: When Jim O'Donnell's stepfather is killed by the villainous Scorpion, he follows the criminal to Kadmos and defeats him by pure luck. He announces his presence by emitting a hypersonic shriek, to frighten his foes.

Powers & Weapons: Banshee has superhuman strength, agility, speed, durability, and a high degree of resistance to physical and energy-based attacks. His highly destructive hypersonic wails, sonic screams, and sonic yells can force a person into a comatose state, as long as he can see them and knows their true name. As the Avenger of Blood, Banshee carries two mystical daggers that can wound or kill, based upon the person's sins. Banshee is also able to use his sound/sonic-based abilities to become invisible.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon the character published by Fox Feature Syndicate. He was created by Louis Cazeneuve.

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