Members: Shujuu, Shujua, Kid Shujuu, Mighty Girl, Scarlet Scarab, Sparkler, Ballistic, Calibre, Dust, Soul Sorceress.

Leader: Shujuu.

Purpose: To defend the Earth.

Enemies: Space Queen Malicia, Jazebel Hex-Eyes, Combatmen, Blue Spider Revenge Squad.

First appearance: BLUE SPIDER #1

History: The Science Patrol is an organization which seeks out the which seeks out hostile aliens lifeforms.. One of it's members is Anthony Troy, and he is secretly Blue Spider. The symbol of the Science Patrol is the outline of a five-pointed star with the outline of the symbol for an atom.The Science Patrol operates many different vehicles. But their car is a customized 2016 carrier called the Corvair. The uniforms of the Science Patrol is international red as dominant color, and gray. Director Daniel Webb is the only one that has a mantle, a gray shirt, and red a tie. Their belt buckles are emergency detectors; each flashes and beeps when an alien is near. They wear Endurium tactical helmets with the insignia in the middle. The touch-activated communicator is incorporated into the insignia.

Equipment: Nightwing, stealth transport aircraft.

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