Real name: Jorjanna Close

Aliases: The Gem of Justice.

Occupation: Curator, Warrior.

Known Relatives: Joseph,father.

Affiliations: Patrioteer, Mothman, Shadow Lady, Hawkwing, Hotwing, Birdman, Nighthawk.

Enemies: Quorak, Abattoir, Bloodsplatter, Bodycount, Beast, Headhuntress, Defiler, Iota, Polymer, Succubus.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: Jorjanna's father was an archeologist that found an unusual spear in a lost African village, and shipped it home to his private museum, where his daughter was curator. During a robbery, Jorjanna picked up the spear to defend herself, and was transformed into a purple-skinned warrior.

Powers & Weapons: Opal is not a normal Earth humans, and has strength, stamina and durability that are all significantly greater. She carries a power spear which is able to project tremendously powerful energy blasts. When using her spear, her skin takes on a smooth, dark purple crystalline appearance as well. Opal is also an extremely skilled warrior, highly agile and athletic, and experienced in fighting superhuman opponents.

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