Real Name: Gerard Raymond

Aliases: Quickness, Blurr.

Occupation: Superhero, Former High School English Teacher.

Known Relatives: Richard(father), Jennifer(mother), Mario(brother), Phyllis(sister)

Affiliations: Maximum Justice

Enemies: Algor Mortis, Bilge, Blood Diamond, Bonesnapper, Cobra, Red Scorpion Gang.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Fast Freddie is the secret identity of high school history teacher, Gerard Raymond. As the masked speedster Fast Freddie, Gerry Raymond has fought drug dealers, gangs, and other urban menaces. Then he was recruited by the Patrioteer and now fights all types of terrorism. Fast Freddie's girlfriend, Michelle Rose, is the only person besides the Patrioteer who knows of Gerry's dual identities.

Powers & Weapons: Fast Freddie can run at superhuman speeds; in his prime he could run at light-speed. He possesses superhuman endurance and has an aura that protects him from friction heat. He can vibrate his molecules at super-speed, enabling him to phase through solid objects. By varying the vibration of his atoms, he can travel to other dimensions or through time.

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