Real name: Priscilla Barnes

Aliases: Black Swan

Occupation: Student,Vigilante.

Known Relatives: Alice, sister.

Affiliations: Blackwing

Enemies: Madam .357, Red Mask, Razor II, Headshot.

Base of Operation: Gateway City


History: Priscilla was a circus acrobat and trapeze artist along with her brother, Darrel. They were famous across the country and were beginning to gain some international notoriety when Darrel got distracted by a fan, and accidentally let her fall from the trapeze, rather than catching her. She broke the bones in both her feet and legs in the fall, crippling her. For a while, Priscilla was filled with bitterness after the “accident.” While in physical therapy, a woman identifying herself as Dr. Clinton promised to fix her legs and more. She injected Priscilla with the mysterious Compound X, which slowly restored and augmented her bones.

Powers & Weapons: Dethbird is a martial arts expert. Her costume is equipped with talons; she also carries a set of nunchakus that can be assembled into a staff. As a result of Compound X, she has superhuman strength and durability.

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