Real name: Not Admissible.

Aliases: Scream Queen. Empress of Fears. Dark Night Diva.

Occupation: Horror Hostess, Occasional Singer.

Known Relatives: Vincent(ex-husband, deceased), Samantha(mother, deceased), Lilith(daughter).

Affiliations: None Known.

Enemies: None Known.

Base of Operation: The House On Haunted Hill.

First appearance: TOME OF TERRORS #1

History: Her book, the "TOMES OF TERRORS" always adding new, shocking, tales of horror. She ends every volume, by blowing a kiss and wishing everyone, "Happy Hallucinations, Homies!".

Powers & Weapons: With a subtle sensuality, Shocka has a voice like marshmallow dipped in honey. Shocka weaves a cache of frightening tales, that will certainly make her the audience's hearts throb, young and old.

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