Real Name: Valeria Fletcher

Aliases: Femme of Filth.

Occupation: Bio-Terrorist.

Known Relatives: Nathan(father), Rosemary(mother)

Affiliations: Achilles Prey, Maximum Injustice, Beast, Bliss, Defile.

Enemies: Maximum Justice, Scarlet Scarab, Shadow Lady, Blackwing, Momentum, Team Max.

Base of Operation: Mobile

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #3

History: Vile went to the Emergency Room to get stitches for a head wound. While she was there, she was accidentally exposed to several unspecified diseases which activated her metahume gene. She first used abilities to rob a bank. That impressed the anarchist Achilles Prey so much, that he recruited her for his Secret Society of Anarchists, where she met, and became lover to the Beast.

Powers & Weapons: Vile is a carrier of unknown number of lethal or near-lethal strains of various germs, bacteria, and viruses. She seems to be immune to all the diseases she carries.

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