Real Name: Alinne Benzali

Aliases: Black Spider

Occupation: Detective.

Known Relatives: Ronaldo (husband, deceased), Matheus (father), Giovanna (mother), Miguel (brother)

Affiliations: Shadow Lady

Enemies: Candle, Hag, Igor, Ear.

Base of Operation: Unnamed Brazilian City

First appearance: WHC Presents #4

History: After her scientist-husband was murdered by a criminal cartel, Alinne Benzali tried and failed to get justice from within the system, so she adopted a costumed identity to dispense her own justice.

Powers & Weapons: She is a skilled fighter and martial artist. Her bracelet has four operations, which she can change with a flick of a wrist. It can fire a web-line, expanding web pellets, miniature tranquilizer darts, and micro-dot tracers in the shape of a black spider. She drives the Arahnaraider, a high-tech car outfitted with a number of gadgets, among them, the ability to alter its appearance to look like a normal car.

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