Original Designer: Anderson Cho.

Registry: NST 4951.

Preproduction Name: U.E.S. Endeavor.

Length: Unrevealed.

Armaments: U.E.S. Endeavor.

Defense: Cloaking Device. High-Tension Armor.

Propulsion: Slepenir Slipstream Drive.

Affiliations: United Earth Alliance

Enemies: Omegans, Panthermen, Skrylls, Volkron.

Base of Operation: Mobile

First appearance: STARVIEWDSV #1

History: The StarviewDSV is an Explorer-class deep space heavy cruiser. Her allegiance is to the United Earth, but it was caught on the edge of an collapstar and was hurled outside of the Milky Way. The ship is now attempting to form a find old Terrain colonies, descendants of the Humans that fled Earth before the international economic collapse. Her captain is Christopher Rann.

Powers & Weapons: Dual Assault laser cannons. Dual Assault missile launchers. Double-barrel Assault rocket pod launcher. Assault torpedo launcher quad. Twin Assault turbo-laser batteries. Twin Double-barrel Blaster cannon. Burst Ion cannon .

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