Real Name: Jaime Caidin

Aliases: Eight

Occupation: Government Agent. School Teacher.

Known Relatives: Keith(father), Angela(mother), Bruce(brother)

Affiliations: Office of Strategic Operations(OSO)

Enemies: Coldstone, F.E.A.R., Master Matrix, Varney Miller, Vicious Animal

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: HERO AT LARGE #4

History: Novelist Richard Cage was working at the mansion of the recluse research scientist Garrison Keeley, helping the genius write his memoir, when terrorist took over the house, and Cage was critically injured.

Powers & Weapons: Superhuman strength, speed, durability. Able to shape-shift to look like any Human. Her hands provides her with various abilities. The left-hand can generate a jolt of electricity. The right-hand functions as pistol, nerve gas dispenser, blade, and a universal key. She also has a communicator in her palm. If she overexerts herself, and began to run low on energy, she can recharge by a chewing-gum-like substance, which the longer she chews it, the more power draws from it. She can draw on it power if she swallows, but at a much slower rate.

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