Real name: Jameia Kwan

Aliases: Madame Claw.

Occupation: Master Criminal.

Known Relatives: None.

Affiliations: Abattoir, Beast, Defiler, Cobra, Warmonger.

Enemies: Shadow Lady, Tarantula, Guarddog, Patrioteer, Maximum Justice, Team Max, Momentum.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First Appearance: AIR FIGHTERS CCOMICS #4

Modern Appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #3

History: Lethal Lady is a cruel and vicious killer.

Powers & Weapons: Lethal Lady's right hand has replaced with a customized golden hook which she often used as a weapon to make her enemies suffer, before she shoots them with the built-in pistol. She has a brass "Tiger Comb" in her hair which had prongs tipped with poison which she used as a weapon with her other hand. She is also very skilled at the use of a small wire whip, and a knife.

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