Members: Vile, Phobia, Pyro.

Leader: Vile.

Purpose: To spread death, disease, and chaos.

Allies: Anarchy Circle ( Hoodoo, Komodo, Raptor, Hobgoblin, Lunatic, Syndy the Saloongirl, Blackguard), Maximum Injustice ( Achilles Prey, Adaptron, Alchemist, Algor Mortis, Ann R Key, Bad Penny, Baroness Blood, Vile, Beast), Suprememan, Ex-Patriot, Lethal Legion (Leader, Firebug, Moonbeam, Radion, Venom, Shockwave, Hammerhead, Hurricane ).

Enemies: Avenging Force, Maximum Justice, Momentum, Team Max.

First appearance: AVENGING FORCE #3

History: Terrifying Trio teamed up when the heroes of Avenging Force tried to capture them.

Equipment: Disaster-Area, a custom semi-truck owned by Pyro.

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