Real Name: Alvin Morgan

Aliases: Mad Scientist.

Occupation: Bio-Terrorist.

Known Relatives: George(father), Irmalyn(mother), Dennis(son, deceased)

Affiliations: Maximum Injustice, Munsinto Corporation, Beast, Bloodsplatter, Deadmeat.

Enemies: Maximum Justice, Team Max, Momentum, Hellstroke, Nighthawk.

Base of Operation: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Businessman Alvin Morgan learned that he would soon die from a terminal illness. Convinced that the world would be a lesser place without him, he underwent experimental cybernetic surgery to be implanted with nanotechnology, which produced unexpected side-effects.

Powers & Weapons: Algor Mortis is undead, and as a result, is very difficult to injure. He has greater than normal strength and speed, but neither is on a superhuman-level. The cybernetic implants in his brain has a complete copy of his memories, but not his personality, leaving him unresticted by the concept of morality.

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