Real name: Sharron Kaine

Occupation: Molecular Biologist/ Vigilante

Group Affiliation: Avenging Force

Enemies: Madam .357, Beast, Bloodspray, Louis Spicer, Jonnni Psycho.

Base of Operations: New Gateway City

Known Relatives: Harrison(husband, deceased), Gary, father. Anita, mother.

Original appearance: THE EAGLE #2(FOX,1941 )

Modern appearance: WHC COMICS PRESENTS: REBIRTH #5

History: Sharron Kaine's husband was an experimental weapons fabricator with a contract with the Federal government. While working on several prototypes for non-lethal weapons, he was murdered by terrorist group called Silver Scorpions. Despite the evidence against the parties involved, diplomatic immunity prevented them from being charged with any crime. This enraged Sharron Kaine to put together several of her husband's inventions, to become the Spider Queen, the "sworn enemy of all criminals".

Powers & Weapons: Spider Queen possessed no super-abilities, but relied on several gimmicks and her quick wits. She is trained in hand-to-hand combat, as well as some acrobatics, and has a passi iventerest in as an actress and stage magician. She used suction-system in the the soles of her boots are cybernetically controlled. She designed special gauntlets that would spray the epoxy her husband invented, like a spider's web. She can which fired a string of fast-hardening epoxy that can be used to swing from one anchored point to another.

NOTE: Spider Queen was originally published by Fox Feature Syndicate.

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