Real Name: Daniel Vittorio

Aliases: Danny Two-Toes, Ice

Occupation: Illegal Weapons Dealer.

Known Relatives: Morton(father), Olivia(mother)

Affiliations: Bliss, Ann R Key, The Corpse, Deadmeat, Defile.

Enemies: Nighthawk, Shadow Lady, Momentum, Team Max, Maximum Justice.

Base of Operation: Motorcraft City

First appearance: Doll Man Quartley #15 (Quality Comics, 1947.)

Modern appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #4

History: Daniel Vittorio is not a very sociable person, any information he gives out? Is need to know. If you learn too much about his private life? That is unfortunate for you.

Powers & Weapons: The Iron Mask has no superhuman powers. Daniel is trained in the use of guns and has some martial arts training and has a number of criminal contacts. Iron Mask always carries a handgun, and a variety of mini-grenades.

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