Real Name: Unknown

Aliases: Heart-Breaker, Soul-Shaker.

Occupation: Assassin.

Known Relatives: Unknow Father, Unknown Mother)

Affiliations: Bliss, Defile.

Enemies: Shujuu, Nighthawk, Momentum, Team Max, Maximum Justice.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City

First appearance: THE POWER OF SHUJUU #3

History: Trauma is an assassin hired by the villain Meanstreak to kill his enemy Shujuu. Her method of operation is to befriend her target, for them to become as emotionally attached as possible. Then after an extended amount of time, reveal that betrayal, before killing her target. Trauma is a such a sadist, her fee is one dollar. She often refers to herself as a "Real Bitch".

Powers & Weapons: Trauma seems to have some paranormal abilities, but these may have only been illusionary powers, as part of her metahume abilities. She can generate destructive energy blasts, siphon the life-force from others, and may have telepathy, or emotion-manipulating abilities.

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