Real Name: Not Admissible

Aliases: Archie, The Trouble-Shooter.

Occupation: Mercenary.

Known Relatives: John(father), Virginia(mother), Alistair(brother)

Affiliations: Major Hugh Esker, Jeffson Binns, Reverend Ian Stinson, N'Waza, The Wazori.

Enemies: Penda, Kumi.

Base of Operation: Mobile in Congo

First appearance: PENDA THE JUNGLE QUEEN #1

History: Nothing is revealed about the origin of Archibald Keating.

Powers & Weapons: Archibald Keating is a highly-skilled hunter and tracker.He is a very dangerous man, more than willing to risk death at the hands of his enemies if it ensured they descended down to his level of savagery (or in his words, "be a real man"), other than that, he does fear death.

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