Members: Achilles Prey, Adaptron, Professor Frost, Titanta, Adversary, Gronn, Cougar, Red Light, Enigma, Hammerhead, Toybox, Phobia, Algor Mortis.

Leader: Achilles Prey.

Purpose: To prevent permanent peace on Earth.

Enemies: Maximum Justice, Momentum, Team Max, Shujuu, Patrioteer, Maximum Maiden, Scarlet Nemesis, Scarlet Scarab, Sparkler, Ballistic, Calibre, Dust, Soul Sorceress.

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Twelve United Nations diplomats negotiated peace treaties between thirty three counties, giving the world the most peace it has ever known in modern times. Achilles Prey could not see how he could profit in a world with peace-mongers in charge. He gathered together twelve like-minded individuals, and began causing chaos.

Equipment: Hall of Anarchy, a mobile headquarters.

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