Real name: Unknown

Aliases: Hitman Omega

Occupation: Assassin.

Known Relatives: Marion(mother).

Affiliations: Red-Rum. Ann R Key. Maximum Injustice.

Enemies: Achilles Prey, Patrioteer, Dust, El Toro Rabia, Arahna Negra.

Base of Operation: Mobile.

First appearance: Maximum Justice #4

History: Little is known about the assassin known as Bloodsplatter. At some point he was recruited by the Vicious Cycle and is a member of an unknown group of elite assassins.

Powers & Weapons: Bloodsplatter has enhanced strength, agility and endurance. Bloodsplatter wears body armor that protects him from physical and energy attacks. Bloodsplatter's main weapon is a customized rifle that fires energy-bullets.

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