Real name: LaVaka Jackson

Aliases: Ms Mystery

Occupation: Crimefighter.

Known Relatives: Ethel, mother. Leonard, father. Anton, brother. Martha, aunt.

Affiliations: Eva Bruce, formerly Ms X. Jordan, robot butler. Charles Norton, boyfriend. Gillian Frost, best friend. Scarlet Scarab, Sparkler.

Enemies: Bain, Negative X, Abattoir, Beast, Bliss, Black Death, Warmonger, Warchild, Chameleon Girl, Purple Woman, Masked Kung Fu Girl, Mindripper.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: Maximum Justice #3

History: Ms X was an aging crimefighter that carried on her war against crime far longer than she should have. She was shot in the leg by Queen Daye a.k.a. Bain. A young teenager named LaVaka Jackson helped her to get off the streets and back to her lair. Later, she convinced LaVaka to become her protege should her legacy.

Powers & Weapons: Skilled martial artist.

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