Real name: Not Admissible

Aliases: Tuma the Mighty, Tuma The Great, Tuma The Killer, Jungle God, Father of Death.

Occupation: Chief, Hunter, Warrior.

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Affiliations: The Vadara Tribe.

Enemies: Penda, K'Waku, all lions, Kumi, Nyoka, Paul LeKlerk, Gray Wolf, Ubaya, Slavers, Pirates in general.

Base of Operation: Congo.

First appearance: PENDA THE JUNGLE QUEEN #1

History: Tuma led the Vadara against the Buer. Only because Chief Akachi and his Keisi warriors arrived to defend the Buer, did Chief M'Bomba's young daughter Penda survive the massacre. In revenge, Tuma sought out the Keisi. Killing every man, woman, and child, leaving only one lone survivor, the warrior known as K'Waku. As he was about to kill K'Waku, a lion attacked Tuma, and scratched his right eye, leaving him blind in that eye. Tuma's hate and rage is predictable, and often used against him. In spite of this he is an effective strategist and tactician.


Powers & Weapons: As a result of engaging in continuous combat, Tuma has greater than average strength and endurance. Add to this rage and blood-lust, which make him a very deadly warrior. Like all Vadara, when at war, Tuma wears a hyena headdress.


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